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Mutated military pigeons - worse than zombies!

War Pigeons - Back to the Base level War Pigeons - Burning Barn level War Pigeons - Town Down level

War is coming. Deep down in top secret military labs they have evolved, mutated - and escaped. The fate of the world is in your hands!

Well, it might not be entirely upon you, but sometimes a tiny little man with a big bag full of huge deadly guns can decide the battle. Or would you just let them destroy everything you hold dear?


Key features

  • Fight various breeds of these mutated bastards.
  • Pick a weapon to take them down. Yes, the menu does not end with a laser rifle.
  • Watch for the exploding eggs, break kamikaze attacks, and stand many other perils.
  • Collect the ammo, medication, and power-ups.
  • Launch the campaign or choose from a long list of challenges.
  • Hide out, run for your life, or become a peaceful hippie. You can do everything!
  • Scalable difficulty: Take it easy or unlock the toughest achievements.
  • Play for FREE!


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