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War Pigeons Break Loose

Mutated military pigeons - worse than zombies!

War is coming. Deep down in top secret military labs they have evolved, mutated - and escaped. The fate of the world is in your hands!

Well, it might not be entirely upon you, but sometimes a tiny little man with a big bag full of huge deadly guns can decide the battle. Or would you just let them destroy everything you hold dear?

Protect the base Laser rifle in action Blast them down!

We are proud to announce that this great game for iPhone and iPad has just been released on the App Store. You can buy a fully unlocked game or play for free right now!

Key features

  • Fight various breeds of these mutated bastards.
  • Pick a weapon to take them down. Yes, the menu does not end with a laser rifle.
  • Watch for the exploding eggs, break kamikaze attacks, and stand many other perils.
  • Collect the ammo, medication, and power-ups.
  • Launch the campaign or choose from a long list of challenges.
  • Hide out. Run for your life. Become a peaceful hippie. You can do everything!
  • Scalable difficulty: Take it easy or unlock the toughest achievements.


War Pigeons trailer

Promo Codes

If the free version is not enough for a review, we'll be happy to supply promo codes for the fully unlocked game!




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